Is My Dog an Asshole?

Dogs can be mean, spiteful beasts with very little self control at times. Dogs can be assholes, but you love them anyways.


A sweet gentle dog who can turn into a monster without notice.

Dominant behavior, anxiety, jealousy and fear can all lead to your dog being an asshole. Some dogs are just mellow while others are just trouble. How can you tell what kind of dog your dog is and what kind of dog he or she can be?

My dog is an asshole, probably because I am an asshole at times. Dogs tend to feed off of your own behavior and anxiety.  If I am on edge then my dog is on edge too. Dogs are the ultimate mood ring. They are experts at observing. They spend all day observing, watching their surroundings and documenting changes as they happen. Your dog can’t tell time, but he or she knows the schedule. Changes to the schedule can affect the way your dog behaves, so be aware that your routine is also your dogs routine, and just like it is good for you to mix it up from time to time, it is also good to mix up your dogs’ routine once in a while. Adjusting to change is not just difficult for us humans but for poochies too!

5 signs my dog is an asshole

  1. He never lets me pet my other dog without butting in.
  2. If I lock him out of the house he digs up the entire yard.
  3. He tries to attack other dogs for no reason at all.
  4. He eats all the tips of my shoelaces.
  5. He barks at people walking a baby in a stroller.

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